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A good Fresh Produce Section, will spray their vegetables with water to keep them fresh, because of osmosis effects. This will make the vegetables take in water and become fresher. The chlorophyll uses water, carbon dioxide , and light to create oxygen, and glucose to make food and vegetables stay healthy, ripe, and plump. They also spray water on their vegetables so they’ll last longer on the shelves and have more life. The produce stands out to people in the grocery store so that they can buy the fresh produce. This process in Spanish it translates to “Verdura Mojada.” (wet vegetables). This is how I baptized the ‘farm-to-table’ concept, “Mojado Grill.” Chef Geno took it a step further and took a word that others use (as a slur) to tease and offend the immigrants who come through the rivers and oceans from around the world to better future. By taking the word “Mojado,” and making it into something positive, “Mojado Grill,” is a place where we create and serve seasonal authentic hand crafted food. We use organically raised vegetables and all grass fed beef and stay ‘green’ as much possible, recycling, and teaching our kids how to choose a better meal.

Geno Bahena


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